Our Finest Work

We take pride in all of our projects, but we’ve completed some jobs that were bigger, more challenging, and more creative than the rest. These projects, often unprecedented, pushed us to collaborate and elevate our performance.



The Concord project 15-meter deep excavation was designed with 19-meter secant piles, which was uniquely incorporated into the structures permanent engineered flood mitigation system.


Doublestar Drilling (DSD) was awarded the shoring scope of work for the University of Lethbridge Destination project (new Science and Academic building) due to a unique soldier pile and shotcrete with tie-back anchors shoring design based on site specific requirements.



The Edmonton Arena District load test, measuring 14,000 kilonewtons, was Canada’s largest load test to date.
In early January 2016, Doublestar Drilling (DSD) was awarded the Daishowa – Slide Repair Tangent Pile Wall Project. Due to soil conditions each pile required segmental casing up to 15.0mbg to prevent sloughing and soil loss. DSD’s Liebherr LB36 and LB28 drill rigs were used to install the piles.