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BiPole III Transmission Line

January 30, 2019

Doublestar Drilling was awarded the BiPole III project in early 2017, making it their first venture with Rokstad Power and Manitoba Hydro. They were accountable for supplying and installing micropiles and overburden ground anchors, related to the construction of the Section N1 of the BiPole III Transmission Line.

In just under 2 months, a total length of 610.31m of micropiles and 1991.54m of ground anchors were drilled by Doublestar’s Davey Kent DK725 and Dual Rotary DR-12 drill rigs. With their experienced crews, quality supervisors and onsite project manager, Doublestar’s scope of work was completed on time and accordingly to the projects specifications. Doublestar dedicated a night shift to continue installing ground anchors and to help set up the day crews for success. Once the micropiles and anchors were finished and got the go ahead by the fulltime onsite geotechnical engineer, Doublestar’s stressing technician tested specified anchors and micropiles up to 100% of the Design Load.

Biggest challenge was the ongoing temperature changes. DSD prepared their equipment and personnel for the changing and challenging weather conditions, making sure that all safety gear and specialized tooling was being used to create the most effective and safe work site.

With BiPole III being such a remote site, Doublestar’s coordination of trucking, preparation of the equipment and personnel, and making sure safety was the top priority, were key elements that made this project such a success.