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Mission Landing

May 2, 2019

Doublestar Drilling (DSD) was awarded by Manshield Construction the Mission Landing CO-OP Project, in late March of 2018. DSD worked closely during the pre-construction and engineering stages of the permanent shoring system, to propose and design assist with an alternative solution that reduced overall costs, risk and schedule.

The shoring system included the excavation support for the underground parkade, located along the major road way Macleod Trail in Calgary, AB. This high profile site made pre-project planning essential to ensure the safety for our crews and the residential properties above, while maintaining the daily production and performance quality. Having limited access to the site due to overhead powerlines and narrow entry, DSD equipped their crews with the Liebherr LB24 drill and Davey Kent DK725 drill to overcome these challenges.

The first stage of work included installing a total of 125ea of 880mm, 900mm and 1000mm diameter CIP Piles to depths up to 17.5m. DSD was also responsible for installing Slope Inclinometers at the bottom elevation of the CIP piles and a lagging wall along on the South and East face of the shoring wall. The anchor crew installed over 200ea Tie-Back Anchors to lengths of 10.5m and proof tested each anchor to 133% of their design loads. A 200mm layer of shotcrete was applied and a reinforcing wire mesh structure was also installed to the face of the west shoring wall.

Daily coordination of drilling anchors and prepping shotcrete, was essential to ensure the transition between tasks maintained with the client’s schedule. This project was success due to experienced crews, knowledgeable supervisors and the innovative alternative solution DSD provided to Manshield Construction resulting in overall cost and economic savings.