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Canadian Tire

August 30, 2017

In early March 2017 Doublestar Drilling was awarded the design, supply and installation scope of work for 207 continuous flight auger (CFA) piles for the Canadian Tire Manning Drive project located in NW Edmonton AB.

CFA piles are a semi-displacement straight shaft concrete pile where the shaft is drilled to depth in one pass using a continuous flight hollow stem auger through which high slump concrete is pumped as the auger is extracted. This method results in increased pile capacities and high production rates without the need to use temporary casing. Welded rebar cages are inserted in to the concreted shafts after adjusting the concrete for pile cutoff elevation.

Utilizing our newly acquired SoilMec SF65 CFA Drill Rig which can drill to a depth of up to 31 meters and up to 750mm diameter CFA piles to a depth of 17 meters this project was completed efficiently and safely. Part of this success was relying on SoilMec’s Drilling Mate System (DMS) which provides the operator real-time monitoring, reporting and recording of the parameters needed to ensure quality installation of each pile. At project completion DSD supplied our client with pile installation records produced from the DMS recorded data and software which provided all the information necessary to prove the installation met all design requirements.