Specialty Drilling

When drilling conditions are difficult, specialized tools and drilling methods may be required. Doublestar is proud to offer the widest range of specialized foundation and shoring drilling equipment in Western Canada.

Doublestar has a fleet of specialized drilling equipment including:

  • piling drills capable of drilling in less than 4.0m of headroom
  • electric drills designed for indoor or confined space drilling
  • high-reach drills capable of drilling up to 18 m above grade or below grade
  • equipment designed specifically for remote access including only helicopter access

We offer specialized drilling methods for a variety of segmental casing where large and deep piles are installed in poor soil conditions. This process is applied when casing is required to seal a drilled shaft beyond the depths that a drill rig can install in one piece due height or weight restrictions. We can also use an oscillator to assist the drill rig in installing and pulling casing.